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Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Sewing class project 3

As part of the sewing workshop I have joined, I was taught how to make a bib last month. This project was actually a project to help us learn how to sew curves and rounded shapes with the sewing machine. I was pretty pleased with my work.

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Last Saturday, I had to leave my car at the garage and ended having nothing to do for 30 minutes so walked around the shops nearby and ended up in this fabric shop. So I bought some fabric and decided I would sew something outside of the workshop, from scratch.
Of course, it could only be another bib as it was the only thing I could remember...sort of. I am proud to say that despite one step that I have missed and managed to fix afterwards, it didn't turn out too bad. I am soooo proud of myself on that one. It took me a few hours but it was finished by Saturday night!!

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I stopped by my sister's and put around my nephew's neck. The way he ran around the room either means that he liked it or that he is simply a happy toddler...well, he is a very, very happy toddler!

I need to think about what I will attempt next...

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