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Monday, 25 May 2015

Sewing project: reusable paper towels

One thing about taking sewing classes is that you tend to think that after one class (and especially once you have purchased your first sewing machine), you are capable of sewing everything. Yes, each time you look at something, this little voice in your head goes "easy! just get some fabric and you'll do that in one afternoon for half the cost and the colours you want!"

In real life, outside of your head, it's not that simple though. So everything takes much longer to do and doesn't look like the picture :-)

Now with today's project.

My other half is lovely but there's one thing he loves as much as me...or maybe more, and it is kitchen paper towels. He uses them all the time and for everything.

I was thinking about how to make him reduce the amount he uses when I came across some left overs from the fabric used for the bib I made for my nephew last year. That's when my voice inside decided to talk: "if it can work for bibs, I'm sure you can do the same for kitchen towels!".

There I was on the Internet looking at ways to do this: I quickly realise that my inner voice wasn't that original as I saw hundreds of pictures for reusable paper towels.

Anyway, a trip to the fabric shop, some cutting, sewing and tadaaa! The first set of reusable kitchen towels. I still have another set to make and it will give me room for improvement actually.

Plus, I'm doing my share for the environment...and my purse ;-)

Now! Time for me to go enjoy the rest of my long weekend. The fourth and last one of the month. I'm going to miss this month of May...

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