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Friday, 5 June 2015

A little order...

Here are three pieces I have done last week for someone who wanted copies of jewellery I had made for myself a long time ago.
First, a (much) bigger version of these earrings. I had to to them twice as first I decided to cover them with resin but it didn't turn out great so just used my normal varnish and baked them.

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Then I made some cherry earrings.

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Finally, a mini bottle necklace. I filled the bottle with macarons. The only thing I have changed compared to the original one is the place of the bow: on the bottle rather than on the chain.

Click on image to enlarge

It was fun making them again. I enjoyed making canes with my extruder gun for the Disc Earrings. I have some left actually so...more fun to come ahead!

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