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Wednesday, 21 September 2016


Not mine. It is actually my friends who all seem to be having babies lately :-)

You know me, I like sewing, on top of jewellery making, knitting and many other things. And when it comes to making garments, I am a sucker for tiny things as they are a good way to practise, can be done faster and well...they are so cute!!!!

One of my besties who I have met while at university in London had a gorgeous baby girl last June and so I decided to make a little kit and send it over.

So here it is:
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I made a few bibs for her as well as a pacifier holder, a pair of baby shoes and a bath towel.
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Funny enough, out of everything, the shoes are what took me the most time to make. I kept on getting one of them wrong. But after three attempts, it worked! I followed the pattern found on the Stardust Shoes blog which you can download here.

For the bandana bib, I made the pattern myself based on how big and long I wanted it to be. I did the same for the pacifier holder. I found the clip in the craft shop I go to over here (it is the only one around actually!) and it is called Cultura. But I am sure it can be found in any sewing/fabric shop wherever you are.
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 And finally, last but not least, the baby towel! This one was quite easy to make actually: a square of sponge fabric and a triangle in a corner. Then I added the bias tape all around it. I can proudly say that I made the bias tape myself. This took a little while but I succeeded in the end.

Then I felt like the hood on the towel looked empty: I wanted to add a personal touch to eat for the baby so that it was special. And THIS, ladies and gentleman; is how you take the risk of getting into a new hobby! Because when you think about personalising a towel, the first thing that crosses your mind is...embroidery...yes... So there I was, going to the shop, getting an embroidery hoop, thread and the necessary fabric. And there I was, on a Saturday night, trying to add the baby's name on the towel. One YouTube tutorial and a Saturday night later...voilà! There is one mistake I can spot on the name, and the teddy bear looks a bit funny but for a first try, it is pretty good if I say so myself.

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I also made another kit for a baby a friend gave birth to a little bit earlier: the little cat is because she is a cat lover ;-)
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That's all for today.

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