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Friday, 16 December 2016

Challenge "Textures Haute Couture"

I do not usually do challenges that I see online because I am always way too impressed busy to take part in them.

One blog I follow on a weekly basis is Parole de Pâte which is a French blog dedicated to polymer clay.

Last September, they launched a challenge opened to everyone and all levels on the theme of "Haute Couture": we were given pictures of designers' clothes and had to design a piece of jewellery inspired by one of them.

At first, I thought it was too challenging for me, but as I was scrolling down the pictures, I saw one and thought: "that's it! that's the one!".
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I sat in my workshop and got that the deadline has passed and the pictures posted on the blog, I can show my contribution to you my dear readers :-)

Click on image to enlarge

I really like this pendant. What about you?
Oh! and you can go check out the wonderful pieces the others made here!

Happy Friday everyone!

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