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Thursday, 21 September 2017

2 little cats for a happy little girl

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It was my niece's birthday over the weekend: she turned 9! Time flies, I cannot believe she is that big already (I will say that again for the next three months for my other niece's and nephews' have been warned!).
She came to me two weeks ago and aske me if she could have a picture holder with a cat as a present. I admit I laughed a lot as I am really bad at modelling/sculpting and I had never made a cat before. So I looked for excuses: "if you are a good girl and don't get punished next week, I'll make it for you" I said. She got punished the following day (haha) but was good for the rest of that week lol
So there I was, trying to make a cat. But then I thought one cat on its own would be boring and sad. I got crazy and decided to make two!!

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Of course, you can't have cats without wool lying around for them to play! 

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I put the cats and their toys on a piece of wood that I've painted and carved my niece's name on it (note for later, carve and paint afterwards! the smell is better)
I am very happy with how the carving turned out considering it is the first time I write and carve on wood. So just for you, here is a close up for a better look :-)

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Still need to work on this whole sculpting thing though: as you can see from the first picture and the one below, the cats look like they've had a bit too much catnip lol
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My niece was happy though! She also had a wonderful cake made by her mum, my sister. I suggest you to go and take a look at her Instagram to see it and check out the others she makes too. I'm warning'll be hungry after that!

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