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Saturday, 5 May 2012

Long time no see...

Yes, I haven't posted for a little while. The truth? No time and when I did try to sit at the table (without falling asleep lol), I had no inspiration. It was frustrating.
My twin has asked me to make her a ring and a bracelet that would match the necklace I made for her's been weeks and I still haven't managed to come up with anything.

Anywhooo....I showed her a book I got and she asked me to make her one necklace from it. Of course....she didn't pick the easiest :-) I admit that project was one of the reason why I bought the book but never found the time or "courage" to try it.  And all of a sudden I thought "come on! let's try this!". I have done half of it so far and it has taken me quite some time. Let's take a look.

This is the first step: all the canes, separated...

...and once put together in one cane. (sorry for the dark but I finished it at night time...about 30 minutes ago)

I am a bit disappointed when I compare it with the pictures from the book. The leaves didn't come out as proper leaves and the orange of the flower in the middle has disappeared (where? I have no clue!) on two of the petals.

I still have to make that same cane in white to finish the project.

That's all for today :-)

Oh! and here is the book if you are interested

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