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Sunday, 3 June 2012

Colours...and Interlude

First of all: HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY (yes, it is today in France). Although my mum won't read this, I still wish her a wonderful day...or afternoon actually as she is in another country :-)

My sister keeps on saying that my work is not very colorfoul. Dark colours being my favourites (I am sure you will have noticed), I hardly ever use bright colours. What can I say? I love black, browns and dark greys.
So today I tried to use more colours. I already know what I will make with those lentils and beads. Just need to polish them a bit and varnish too. the interlude: a little thought for my gorgeous boyfriend. Him being British and this weekend being the Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebrations, I had fun lol He will certainly enjoy the 4 day weekend he is getting out of this!!

That's all for today :-)


  1. That's better!!!

  2. C'est sur, c'est plus gaie.
    Le beau temps revient donc il faut les couleurs qui vont avec.
    Tu parles,tu as même pas regardé le jubilé qui été trèèèèèèèèèèès long.


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