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Wednesday, 12 June 2013

A bit of knitting...

After the Bunting Bag I made for him...and also because once my nephew was big enough to fit in it, my sister realised that the hood is too tight to be worn on him....
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I tried to make something else. Yes! I was determined in knitting a piece of clothing that someone, somewhere could wear. Obviously, small garments are easier to make when you've never knitted them before and my nephew being the only baby in the family at the moment....

So I went online and found this model on Ravelry (I love this website). It took me exactly 6 days to make (including frogging it and starting all over again once as the 6 months size was way too small for  him, and he is a tiny baby)

I followed the instructions for size 12 months in the end and still find it tight. As the warm weather seems to finally be starting, I guess he will not be able to wear it much lol
But I am very proud of my very first cardigan!

Oh yes! I won't show you his face because...let's face it, he is too cute to be shown and people would get jealous when they look at their own know the deal :-)

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That's all for today
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1 comment:

  1. True, he is too cute.
    Can you start making another one pls, he will wear it next autumn. ;-)))



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