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Sunday, 7 July 2013

Sunday interlude

Today's manicure is a Pebble manicure, inspired from Meliney's tutorial.
Doesn't quite look like hers but satisfied with the result. I think my black polish wasn't thin or runny enough. I've had it for a while and hadn't done some proper manicures for some time so it got a bit old and despite having used some nail polish is still quite thick.

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 Here are the polishes I have used. From left to right: nº275 (Kiko), nº323 (Kiko), nº310 (Barry M), nº369 (Kiko), nº105 (Kiko), nº103 (Kiko) and a white polish from Natural Collection (sorry, can't remember the number and it's gone from the bottle lol)

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And as no mani ever goes smoothly with me....I had to get those bubbles I always get when I use the Gel Look top coat from Kiko....

Hope you all had a great weekend!

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  1. No no no...


    1. No no no...? Why?
      Oops! just noticed the huge mistake on the varnishes' pic by the way. Very bad lol


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