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Tuesday, 18 October 2016

A Clutch Bag

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One of my friends got married back in April. She planned it for quite some time and also asked for some help when it came to the decorations. But that is another story that I will tell you about later.

Of course, when I started thinking about my outfit for the wedding, I thought that I could make my own dress and accessories. I know, I still have faith in me like that.
But after a few projects, I came to the quick realisation that it would never happen. Therefore I went to the shop and found a cute little black and white dress. All I needed were the accessories.
The only thing was that I got so caught up in the decorations for the wedding that I never found the time to do all the things I wanted to do.

Time just flies when you work on top of crafting! And there I was, two weeks before the wedding with just...a dress. I was determined however to do one thing myself: my handbag.

I also went for (what I thought was) the simplest option...a clutch bag. I bought some fabric: black leatherette (or faux leather) and some red satin. Made my own measurements for the clutch bag and got started

After two failed clutches, the third attempt was the right one, but I still have a lot of work to do in order to master the art of sewing a zipper on something.

I really love the effect on the leatherette like it is reptile skin:

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And it goes perfectly with the red lining too:

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This clutch had a lot of success and I can now add it to my list of finished projects :-)

I shall let you know about the wedding decorations at a later time so until then, take care!

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