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Wednesday, 26 October 2016

A sleepless night

It is the end of the day: you're home, you've had dinner, watched a bit of TV or talked with your other half and then went to bed. The only problem is, you've been lying there for a while now cannot sleep. You check the time over and over again, you can see that it is passing by and that the more it does, the less sleep you are gonna get. But you still can't sleep. "Why can't you sleep?" the little voice in your head starts saying. And so the thinking begins when you should be resting. You start thinking about the day you've had, the things you've done, the things you haven't done, the day to come, the things you'll have to do...and so on...
I know in those moments, I would like to just switch my brain off but it is never that easy. The more I try to, the more it decides to think and get superactive!

My brain is always active, always thinking. It gets worse if an important event occurs whether it is happy, sad, stressful... Some nights I do not sleep at all.

If you're like me, you will find something to do: you're already awake so why waste this time in bed anyway, huh?

The other night I ended up in my workshop, at my table. I've had watched the Great French Bake Off a couple of days earlier: the theme was "American cakes" which included them baking a cake designed around Halloween. One of the contestants made a brain cake. This image stayed in my mind since that episode. So I knew exactly what I would do.

It did not help me sleep but I had fun making these little brains.
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What about you? Do you sometimes stay awake and complete projects at night? What was the last one you made?

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  1. Yes, sometimes I wake up at night and finish the project I made during the day: eat the cake I made earlier!


    1. Haha! Hope that cake was good! Bring me some next time 😉


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