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Friday, 10 March 2017

Ikea hack...

Actually I can't really call this a hack, it's more of a copy cat of an Ikea item.
Back in January, I had to spend some time in bed following a surgery. Even though my lovely boyfriend was there to help me out, he had to leave during the day so dring the weeks leading to this, I "prepared" the place so that I could be as comfy as possible once on my own :-)
As the main place I would be was my beloved bed, I got it ready too. I had to think about a way to sit comfortably and have all necessary things nearby, you know, the essentials: laptop, tea, snacks, phone, books, etc.
And then I remembered one thing I saw a long, long time ago in Ikea! Once there was a bed with this console table above it and I thought: I WANT that! But I was just a student and did not have the money to buy it back then. The only problem Ikea do not sell them anymore.
"It's OK", I thought. "I'll make it myself!". So to the DIY shop I went with the measurements I took for my bed and got what I needed to build one: some wood, some screws, some wheels and some paint.
The whole project took me about 2 days to put together (it would have taken me one if I hadn't had to return to the shop to change the wheels).

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The straight wheels make it super easy to move it along the bed.

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Then I decided that plain black was a bit boring (yeah! ME finding black boring lol). I found a can of red chalkboard paint and added this nice touch on the top: not only it is a nice finish but I could also write on it when I wanted to. How cool is that?!
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No need to say that with this in my bedroom, the recovery was easier. It was so nice to have my breakfast in bed every morning (huge thanks to my love for that!)

What about you? Have you built anything lately? Big or small?

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