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Thursday, 4 May 2017

A table!

I don't know about you, but one thing I really like is spending some quality time with my family.
We all have busy lives but we try, whenever we can, to spend time all together and this usually involves food: Christmas, NYE, birthdays, barbecues....every occasion is a good excuse to sit around a table and have fun.
The last gathering in date was two weeks ago for our mum's birthday. We spent a few hours eating some delicious Caribbean food and laughing to tears.
We also usually cook/bring something each so that the work is not on one person on that day. I was in charge of the salad that time...for 18 people! Some lettuce, cucumbers, radishes and I was good to go.
The only thing was, it wasn't that successful compared to all the other food on the table and I ended up with this massive bowl salad in the end. I figured it would prevent me from having to prepare food for my lunch during the week :-)
On the Monday morning when I packed my lunch I stood there contemplating my good old lunch bag thinking "You've had your time, my dear. As much as I like you, I think it's time for you to retire!".
I knew the kind I wanted but still had problems on how to do it. Luckily, I found an excellent tutorial recommended on several blogs I looked at, and tadaaaaa!
Click on image to enlarge
 I used some old fabric leftovers I had in my workshop (I can't even remember where they are from!).

Bag cover
I love having this cover on the top: it protects the food and other things I could put in there (usually a book).

Cord casing
It is my second time at making a bag with a cord like that and it came out pretty good!

Cord end cap detail
I absolutely love this bag! I will have to make another one but with different fabric; the kind you can wash if something spills inside the back.
If you want to make one of your own, you can find Pink Peguin's tutorial here.

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