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Wednesday, 27 June 2018

When I met Chardon...

I know, I know! Another Deer & Doe project. But I did warn you anyway so now you'll just have to go with it :-)

This week I'm introducing the Chardon skirt which is a high waisted pleated skirt. At first I wasn't sure about the shape of it due to the shape of me (hehe) and was worried it would make me look much larger than I already am... Pleated skirts don't always flatter the figure of curvy women. But I'd been looking for a cute skirt for a while and I really wanted to try anyway. And also, I saw this picture on their online shop and I was sold! Plus, I already had the Ondee sweater so might as well make something to go with it, right?!
Photo from Deer & Doe online shop
Got the pattern in a few days (they are so fast with shipping). I already had the fabric in my stock but didn't want to ruin it so made a mockup first (you've seen the pictures already if you follow me on Instagram. If it's not the case, just go check it out 😊).

For this I used some cheap fabric I'd found on a market a couple of month ago: the guy was selling some cotton for 1€ per metre: I took 5! Not the best quality and when I washed it, I wasn't surprised to see the blue stripes running on the white ones when rubbed a bit together but like I said: it was cheap.

Now, the proper project: I had this gorgeous cotton satin which I thought would be perfect, and it was!
It goes well with this little Ondee, don't you think?
I'm glad I did a mockup before hand because I got the pleats wrong the first time (made them outside instead of inside, duh!) and I would've had to un-sew everything on this fabric and take the risk of damaging it.
Proud of those pleats
I also decided not to make the belt loops because I couldn't do them properly on the mockup either.

This fabric though...
Another thing I love about this skirt is the pockets. I love putting my hands in pockets and even better when on a skirt.

click on image to enlarge
They are hidden in the sides' seams so you can't really see them.

click on image to enlarge
And last but not least: the finishing touches on that baby! I finally got to use the serger I got two months ago. Why hadn't I used it before? Because first I didn't know how to set it up and once my wonderful sewing teacher (thank you so much!) took the time to come and help me, I didn't have all the threads I needed to use it.
Being my first time, I still preferred to use my sewing machine first and then use the serger. I think this looks so cool.
One thing I didn't know though is that a serger uses a LOT of thread lol
seem finish with serger
Finally, like the hem was done with bias tape.
click on image to enlarge
There you have it! My first encounter with Chardon. I can tell you we already have a second date planned the two of us. I'll let you know about it soon :-)

Pattern: Chardon skirt by Deer & Doe
Fabric: cotton satin from Laurent Tissus


  1. OMG! I want this one!!!!!
    The top and the skirts.



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