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Thursday, 15 March 2012


No fimo today BUT it is justified :-)
Since I have left my lovely Marks and Spencers' one in the storage box *sad face*, I've had to look for a new lunch bag: it seems like it is mission impossible to find one.
Tuesday I went to the craft shop at lunch time, saw some felt and thought: "I'm sure I can do this! Or at least try..."
I started Tuesday night and finished last night. In all it took me about 5-6 hours. The only thing I didn't do myself is the cutlery. I cut and saw everything else (yes, it is a muffin on the bottom right corner which needs a little more work to be done on lol)

I am very, VERY proud of my work and can't stop looking at it :-) I felt like kids when they go back to school and are excited about showing their new bag!

Here's the work of art :-)

That's all for today :-)

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