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Sunday, 4 March 2012

Nice weekend...

It was indeed. I spent Saturday with my niece: we had some good laughs. In the evening, we celebrated our birthdays with the family. For the occasion, I made some earrings to wear. I used what was left of the mokume gane I made last weekend. First, I wanted to make a pair of pendant earrings but when I started putting them together, I decided to make two different pairs instead.

Then, I also finished the necklace for my twin. I made some beads with scrap clay which I cured. Then I dipped them in glass paint. Let them dry for 2/3 days and...voila! The only thing is, as the scrap clay was dark, the green came out right but the dark yellow came out brownish...I still like the colour though.
My sister liked the necklace (sorry for the poor lighting. It was sunny but could not get the right angle)

The one part she didn't like was the central bead. I made a pumkin bead (from Roberta Mohar's tutorial) which I found cute, but she really didn't like it lol

I've put it in a really cute box I got ( is a sushi box BUT it is very cute!) which I filled with some of her fav sweets (hadn't seen those since secondary school). THOSE, she loved for sure...all of them!

That's all for today :-)

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