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Monday, 24 December 2012

It is Christmas Eve today!!!

Yeah! Just a few hours before the food and laughter and Christmas pressies!

Oh wait a Well, this year, for the second time in my whole life, I will spend Christmas away from my beloved family. So no big dinner around the table with all 13 of us (yes, but it has never brought us bad luck on that night, honest!).

Christmas in my family is quite something. We always say we will not make too much food, but it is never the case. We spend so much time chatting and laughing (and waiting for my brother to get there way after the scheduled time...mwaaah!) that by the time midnight comes, we are still either at the end of the starters or just starting the main lol

Then we open the presents, which usually takes a good hour as there are many of us and we tend to do more presents that we said we would. Then we eat again.

It normally ends with boardgames (more or less the same each year but we never stop enjoying them) and chats until the early hours. I wouldn't have it any other way. Well..except this year obviously lol

I will be thinking of them all today while they all get ready, rushing around to prepare the food, running to the shop because of that tiny thing they have forgotten but that is so crucial for the dinner.

I will miss you guys! I love you all :-)

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