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Sunday, 30 December 2012

Sunday interlude

I tested the limited edition varnish from the Glitter Nail Lacquer limited edition. I found that one absolutely gorgeous when I saw it in the shop: it is the Bold Red (colour nº405)

I had to put two coats to make sure the nail was well covered and I couldn't see the nail through. It is really nice on the nails and the colour is bright enough (this picture doesn't do it justice). It lasted for a long time as I kept it on for about two weeks before it started looking a bit old.

The only downside to it is when trying to remove it: it is a nightmare! It took me forever to remove it AND I ended up with glitters everywhere.

In all, I am still debating whether I will wear it again purely because of the hassle it is to remove it and get rid off the glitters. But I have to say that it is so gorgeous that I will probably use it again very soon.

That's all for today :-)
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