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Sunday, 16 December 2012

Sunday interlude...

Hi Everyone,

This week, Madame L is getting all christmassy :-)

And here is what she has to say about her new design (yes, I've managed to make her write it as I am away).

"Last week I only used a plain green varnish which, according to Madam L's little sister, was too flashy.
As it is the festive season, I tried a festive manicure.  I have tried a red glittery nail polish from L'Oréal. This colour runs though when applying the top coat (even though I have waited an hour for it to dry). As you can see, I am not very good as my Santa is not perfect, neither is the silvery line"

I personally think that for a first design like that, it is actually pretty good. I find this Santa cute. Just starting to get very worried now: she seems to be doing great without me!! Soon I will not be allowed to do her nails. But it is at the same time promising as I now know she will continue doing her nails even when I'm not there.

Well done Madame L!

Here is the link to the picture that she used for this manicure. (I am not sure if this design is from this blogger or if it is a photo she posted from somewhere else, so I cannot put a link to the tutorial)

That's all for today :-)
Hope you've all had a good weekend!

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