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Sunday, 20 October 2013

ID-Creatives 2013

Update: Alison made me realise today that I did say she was Irish when she is actually Scottish. I do apologise Alison, don't know where that came from! :-)

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This weekend was held the ID-Creatives craft show 2013. I had heard of it last year and went with my older sister. It was fun, we saw a few interesting things. Saw some fimo girls (some of which I follow their blogs, which was pretty cool!)
So when I saw that it was on again this year, I was all excited to go. It opened on Thursday and on Friday, they have a late night (free entry and parking). On my way back from work, I stopped there to try to sign up for workshops (and have a look at what I could buy the next day lol). I didn't have a look at the whole place not to ruin it for me the following day though. As my sewing teacher had a stand there, I had a good chat with her instead :-)
So! Not possible to sign in advance for classes, I woke dup early on Saturday morning to get there at opening time and sing up! I arrived right on time and managed to catch the last spot on the mosaic class and there you go! One table mat! 

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OK, it's not finished because the glue took too long to dry: the woman running the workshop asked us to finish it at home. That's where I am glad I did buy this packet of grout a year ago when I saw it half price at the bottom of a box in a shop in Lyon thinking "mmm...this might get useful someday..."
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Go check out Laurence Alvado's website: she is the one who taught the mosaic workshop and she does some pretty cool things.
Then I went straight to the sewing stand and voila! One bookmark!
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Although I find it cute and I am happy of my work, I have to admit that except for the fun, there was not much point to that workshop. It was a stand demonstrating (and trying to sell) sewing machines. Those machines are insane! The one I worked on costs 799€. It does everything: sewing and embroidery. Now, when the woman showed me how to use it, the only "manual" thing she did was to place the thread. Then, she was typing numbers and the stitch would show on the digital screen. then press the start button, and the needle starts the job. Where is the fun in embroidery there? I don't get it. it was marked as an embroidery workshop so was excited about trying this as I had never done it (besides the bead embroidery which I don't master well). So it was disappointing to "watch" a sewing machine doing the job.
Then my sisters and my niece joined me and we I took my niece to the cakepop workshop. Same there: basically the cakes were already made and all we had to do was to put a bit of cream on a cupcake and add sugar flakes on it. My niece did it in 5 minutes. Same for the cakepop: dip the thing in chocolate and put sugar flakes on it. Done!
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Could have done that at home lol Now I know that the purpose of those shows is to make some publicity for your business so it worked: the queue of hungry girls was definitely long and I did ask for the girl's card to check out her website because some of her cakes are actually really cute and it might be useful one day (if my twin stops making hers one day that it lol)
Then went back to the sewing workshop as my niece wanted to try to make a bookmark too. In the end, all my sisters gave it a go so...I had to do another one :-) (you can see it above with the first one: it is the dark one)
My last workshop of the day: Iris Folding. This thing is so cool! This had to be the surprise of the day. I signed up for it because I wanted to try another one of their workshop but it was full. I had never heard of Iris Folding before and got quite intrigued when she showed it to me earlier that day, so I took the last spot. This was fun: it took a little while for me to get it but once I understood it, it was pretty straight forward. So here is my first attempt at this art:
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The girls were fun and did some cool things.
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I also met this very nice Irish Scottish girl called Alison. She is actually the one who made a frame I saw and wanted to make. We had a nice chat. If you get the time, please go visit her blog as she does some cute stuff :-)
Alison :-)
Well, that was a long post, but I saw and did a lot of stuff: I had a really good day between the workshops and the fun with my sisters and niece too. I enjoyed sitting with them and sew. 
The low point to that craft show is that there was just one fimo stand compared to last year where there were more. Also, it seems like Scrapbooking is taking over the show now: it was like half of it was dedicated to them! They had already put the poster for next year and it is already announced that there will be ID-Creatives 2014 and Scrapbooking too. There are already not enough craft shows in my opinion in this area (or country) so if now they are only dedicated to one's not going to be fun. But I will wait and see what happens next October!
One thing I will have to consider for next year if I go back: business cards! Every person I exchanged contact details with had one, and although I don't have a business, it was quite awkward to have to find a piece of paper to write down my blog's address each time lol Need to add this to my to-do list...

Hope you've all had a nice and productive weekend ladies!
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