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Thursday, 7 August 2014

A little sheep...

Since I have moved into this flat, I have been trying to explain to my sisters the sound of the neighbours' baby when she cries: it is one of the most annoying crying I have ever heard and she can do this for hours and at any time of the day. The weird thing is, she has a twin and I never hear her cry (or her squeaky voice covers it maybe).
Now, I love babies, I find them so cute, especially the ones in my family (hehe) but the way this one cries is very irritating and I had never heard something like that. Anyway, it has been impossible for me to find the right sound for my sisters to hear until yesterday when I finally remembered what it makes me think of: Timmy the sheep, from Shaun The sheep!
If you don't know Shaun The Sheep, have a look here: you will not only get to know him but you will also hear what I hear every single day for hours.
This revelation also made me want a Timmy (he is sooo cute!) so I made one last night. I got started and when I finished and looked outside, I saw the sunlight and realised I had spent the night on it so went to bed at 7am. But it was worth it...and I'm on holidays anyway.
Cured it today and voila! I love it :-)
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