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Monday, 4 August 2014

Baby shower

Last week my colleagues and I organised a surprise baby shower for our colleague who was going on maternity leave at the end of the month.
I really loved preparing all of this: yes! I'm a dork when it comes to organising that kind of things. But like for everything, we had a budget so I could not really go overboard and had to be stopped a couple of times regarding what to get :-)
So! We pretended that my boss wanted to organise a last team breakfast before the holiday break: I sent an invite on her behalf. That way, she could not suspect anything. We sent the invites behind her back, booked a room and took care of all the logistics.
The day came, we prepared the room and got her to come downstairs with the rest of the team as normal. Her face when she came in and we screamed "surprise!". It was excellent. We had not planned that she would cry though: but they were good tears...and probably the hormones as well.
My contribution to this baby shower was my second ever diaper cake. I didn't do the same as for my twin's baby shower because I realised I would actually have to take this one all the way to work (for my sister, I only had to carry it from the third to ground floor or the house). Also, my colleague would also have to take it to her car so went for a smaller option. I looked at loads of pictures on the Internet and decided to make a stroller.
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We then filled it with a few presents for her: a sort of "maternity leave kit".
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She loved it so we were all very happy.
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