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Saturday, 9 August 2014

Earrings holder...or so I thought

Last night I started my diy earrings holder. I've had those canvas for about a year for that purpose but was not sure on how to decorate them.
I finished them this afternoon but now that they are done, I am not so sure I want to turn it into that anymore. I have spent a lot of hours on them so I am scared that my heart will be crushed if I put little holes all over them. Might just keep it as a proper painting to decorate or something. Just need to find where.
For the actual arabesque, I typed "arabesque" in Google and used tracing paper. Unfortunately I cannot give any credit to anyone for that specific one as the image I found comes from a girl's blog and she says she got the drawing from a nail art image plate.
For the font used though, its name is "Maratre" by Claude Pelletier (on
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