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Tuesday, 29 September 2015

A book

A little while ago, some colleagues came to me and asked me to decorate a book they had bought for a colleague who was retiring.

They had bought this notebook for people to sign/leave messages for her but they felt like it looked too much like a wedding book.

It was a challenge for me because I had never covered a book: I'm just used to make jewellery with my fimo. And to add more stress to it, I only had a few days to do it!

But just like Barney Stinson would say..."Challenge accepted!"

I drew a little draft and showed it to them and they gave me the go ahead.

I decided to go for an old leather look.

Click on image to enlarge

I then made little details on it to make it a bit more realistic. The thing I might do differently if I was to make one again is the finish on it. I varnished it which gave it a glossy look. Looking at it again, I think a matt finish would have been better to complete the "old" look.

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But as this book was going to move from hands to hands to be signed all around the workplace, my main concern was to protect it so she could get it in mint condition.

There is also a little bookmark to go with it.

I have had some very nice comments from people who found out I had done it. Some even thought they had bought it like that so I guess I've done it right, no? :-)

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  1. Ca aurait été sympa de voir le livre ouvert. On n'arrive pas à ce rendre compte.


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