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Monday, 14 September 2015

Trying something new

UEver heard of Kirigami? If you're not into papercraft, probably not.
Last year at a craft show, I did see this art presented by a guy exposing his cards there. I found this quite cool but did not want to get into yet another hobby. I mean, there are only so many things a crafter can do, right? Nah! We always find new things to do!

Last week, it was one of my colleague's birthday and I was in charge of the card. As I'm still setting up my workshop (yep. Still not done!), I needed something quick, not messy but that would stil look nice though because I've do not give handmade things that look not finished.

So I though about the cards I had seen last year but I could not remember th name of the method used. Took me a while on Google but the name finally popped up. 

You still don't know what it means though, I know. Kirigami is the art of cutting a pattern on a piece of paper to make cards or decorations.

She likes cats and the colour blue so I found the pattern online, and already had some blue paper. 

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Don't know if I'll do it again because even though it's not messy, it does take some time...and I chose a basic pattern as it was my first time.

On the other hand, it does not require a lot of material which is nice.

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