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Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Back to school

Yep! Kids went back to school today here. I wish I could have seen my nieces and nephews going to their new classes but I had to go to work.

This day can be two things...depending on which side you're in:
  • a nightmare if you have no kids because it means the end of the summer holidays and the start of traffic jams again on your way to work
  • freedom if you have kids because you get rid off them for 5 days a week (sometimes less though) and don't have to struggle with how to entertain them during the day and having childcare issues lol
I'm part of the first group for now :-)

Here is a "back to school" mani for this week. It is a mix of different pictures I have seen on the internet and things I wanted to do.

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1 comment:

  1. I'm part of the second group: Let it gooooooo, let it gooooooooooooooo, can't hold it back anymore!!!!

    And the yellow thing is a pencil, i've just realised, ah, ah, ah!


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