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Sunday, 12 February 2012

Busy week

This week I have worked a lot on my Fimo. I had quite a few projects in mind: new designs, techniques and materials/products I had never used before....unfortunately...those of you working with polymer clay know that when doing this, it does not always work out the way we want.So I was all excited with my new projects, followed a tutorial and half way through it, everything was ruined. I am still not sure as regards to what I have done wrong. Anywho, I will make another post on that!

I have still managed to make some new pieces this week. I have tried to be a bit more adventurous when it comes to designs and methods. Still some work/progress needed, but I am happy with some of the results :-)
So here it goes!!

Faux Leather Necklace (mounted the "Petit Poucet" style on buna cord)


No name for this one (you will learn that I am really, REALLY bad at finding names for what I do), also mounted on buna cord.

details on the hollow lentil, textured with chinese signs and flowers.

"Triple Pendant Necklace" (yes! I have found one name AND I have used the rose cane I posted about a couple of days ago lol)

details...I did not make the two little black spacer beads on that one though :-)
and a little bracelet: simple but I really like the result. I have tried to make a Faux Jade effect on the beads using transclucent fimo mixed with green eye shadow and some gold leaf metal. I made the little spacer discs with scrap clay that I covered with Fimo gold powder

Oh! and I made a nice discovery yesterday. My sister took me to her favourite shop of the moment: they sell things at discount price. I noticed some craft stuff in one box and was so happy to find THIS!

I found it for 2.99€!! Those are so expensive in the shops here: I was excited to find it at that price. Love the texture and can't wait to find something to do with it.
I have more ideas and projects I need to make. More work for this coming week...
That's all for today :-)

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