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Friday, 10 February 2012


One day I was talking with my cousin about my jewellery: she asked for me to make a bracelet and thought it could be made very quickly as I was just "buying the beads and putting them together" lol
I told her it was more complicated than this and that each bead had to be handmade, included the designs on them. The way it works is that you make a cane with the desired design. You then slice this cane and apply those thin slices on a bead you've made.
I made two canes this week (hadn't made one for months) and thought I would take some pictures for her to see. A cane can take anything from a few hours to days depending on how complex it is.
There is no text with the pics as I think it is self explanatory and it is just to give an idea (I am no good at making tutorials. Never tried actually lol)
Simple Black & White Flower Cane
and my first Rose Cane (I have used a tutorial from Sigal Simovich). I realised once I was done that I'd put the outter petals inside out, duh! Although it doesn't really look like a real rose (surely not the one in the tutorial!) I am happy with the result for a first one :-) I will find something to make with it.
That's all for today :-)

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