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Sunday, 26 February 2012

Working 9 to 5...

working indeed! After 5 months of looking, I have finally found a contract so I started work this week on Monday. It has been hectic and tiring. Not the job so much but the commute to get to it. So I can say...not without shame, that I am now officially one of those people who have fallen asleep on a bus and woke up to realise everyone was gone lol Luckily for me, my stop was the last stop so I did not have to struggle to get home afterwards.

As soon as the weekend started...and between two naps, I have worked on some projects as I've had loads in my head the whole week but haven't had the chance to work on any of them. I will not say that I regret being unemployed was easier when I could do some fimo everyday haha! People are never satisfied.

I have not had the time to put anything together yet BUT the beads are ready. See for yourself :-)

I've used the watercolor technique for those: I love this technique. Simple but yet, gives gorgeous results.

 The four on the right are from a tutorial on Parole de pate. For the others, I have used the Mokume Gane technique.

Right! Now I need to make something with those. I already have an idea so...just need to find the time to do it this week!

That's all for tonight :-)

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  1. Reallly like those kind of..."galets".



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