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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Where do broken hearts go?

Or where do zipped ones go, more like. You'll get it when you see today's work lol

Today was Valentine's day: my first one without my lovely boyfriend :-(
BUT I still felt like making something today. A girl's gotta keep herself entertained lol

I was out and about all morning so when I came back home, I sat at the table and spent the afternoon working (after having prepared a dinner for my sister for this special day of course!)
It was like a marathon! I was watching a cooking programme where people compete with each other to be crowned "best chef": they had to cook 4 or 5 different dishes in a certain amount of time. I felt like them: rushing like crazy to finish this before the end of the day so that I could still have some daylight to take pictures. Well you will see from the pics below that...I did not make it and finished just as the sun went down so all photos had to be taken with a basic lamp lol

Let's stop the wait and see the results, shall we?

"Zipped Heart" pendant: another hollow lentil...although it doesn't look like a lentil, I know :-) First attempt at making a zip. Will need to work on the little "handle" you pull to open/close it one day

"Double Heart" earrings: simple but they go nicely with the pendant I think

and then I decided to make a bookmark but being the French that I am, I will call it a "Marque Ta Page" lol

detail nº1: I've always found chinese knotting very pretty. So I got some rattail cord and decided to give it a go with some tutorials. I made a snake knot

detail nº2: I used a wooden stamp to texture the center piece. I then put some black paint and removed the excess. I've also used the new stamp I got over the weekend to texture the black part.

detail nº3: I made a little bead on which I have added a heart and small details on both sides. Once cured, I used embossing powder and a heat gun. Then varnished.

I had to make that bead twice: the first one exploded when I tried to put the rattail cord through it!

Hope you've all had a great Valentine's Day!
That's all for today :-)

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