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Tuesday, 28 February 2012


As this post is not fimo related, I've decided to name it that. And so will all the "off subject" ones from now on I think.

Yesterday it was my twin and I's birthday: it was the second one we spent together in a lot of years as I was abroad. I did think ahead and bought a blank card a few weeks ago and thought I'd give scrapbooking a go; and so I did with my niece over the weekend :-)

As the big day is gone and the card is in her possession, I can now show the result:

I wish I had been more creative but I kind of like simple things. I love how the embossing on the envelope turned out though...and most importantly: she seems to have liked it!

I had a great day too: my brother-in-law who works near my new job took me out for lunch which was sweet of him (although I talked so much he might never want to experience that again lol). My older sister and my niece made me diner and bought 16 mini cakes for desert! Plus another 3 from my brother-in-law. We have not finished them all yet (it's only day 2...). I also got some Indian Ink which I cannot wait to try out and a voucherf rom my twin: I'm gonna get myself a brand new coat I think!!!
The day would have been completed if the most important person in my life after my family (aka "the love of my life"...aka "my boyfriend") had actually remembered that it was my birthday!!!! But he hasn't...despite his daily, multiple phone calls. He will realise this when he reads this post tomorrow I guess...

As for my twin and I, we will celebrate with the whole family this weekend as it will also be our nephew's birthday. Good times ahead :-)

That's it for today :-)

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