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Friday, 31 August 2012

Fruity earrings

I saw a tutorial on the net on how to make coconuts and found it funny. I do not remember at present where I saw it as it was a long time ago (and the link is saved on my laptop which is at home right now), so I do apologise for not being able to mention the author. All I remember is that it is in Russian!

Here are my coconut earrings:

My sister (yes, you again!), told me she saw a colleague with some cherries earrings one day. So I made some too. The cherries are made with white clay that I covered in gold powder, then cured, then painted with glass paint. I did the same for the leaves. I like the result, but I would have liked the paint to be more red: it is "Carmin" but very dark I think.

That's all for today :-)


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