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Monday, 13 August 2012

"Pti Biscuit" how we, the French, call the gingerbead man in Shrek. My sister saw a bracelet with a tiny version of him and asked me to do it. So I made these:

But when I showed them to her, she said it wasn't the right one. Turns out, the one she saw was actually a Gingerbread man, but a basic one, not "Pti Biscuit". But she told me "Pti Biscuit" when describing I made him (still following?)
Anywhooo! I will have to make a normal gingerbread man for her bracelet now lol

That's all for today :-)

PS: oh yes! You will have noticed that I have changed the look of the blog. I wanted it to be a bit "lighter". Still not sure regarding the final look as I would like to change a few things, but it will have to do for now. I have changed the banner (it is an interim one, until I decide on the final design of Pti Kikó). And as I tend to do more than polymer clay it seems, I have also changed the description lol

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