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Sunday, 19 August 2012

The hottest day of the year...

...was yesterday here in France. We went out with my sister and the thermometer was showing 41 degrees in the car! No need to say that the shops were empty as people prefered to stay home, which was nice. But very happy once we got home to cool down. No need to say either that it is quite difficult to do anything with the polymer clay with such heat: it gets really soft and sticky and the cornflour doesn't help.
Actually, the whole week was like this but not as bad as yesterday. I have managed to make a few pieces before it got too hot. I will be showing them to you over the next couple of weeks.

It seems I have been in a sort of "tribal" mood this week. That is what comes out of my pieces. So, piece number 1: a necklace.

I used a tutorial from a polymerist (does that wordeven exist in English?) called Marie-France ("Polymeramoi" is her blog). It did not come out as nice as hers, but I think it is because my scrap clay wasn't varied color wise. Anywho! I like this necklace. What do you think?

and details...

Oh! and by the time you read this, I will be somewhere above the English Channel on my way to Great Britain: I am going to see my other half for two weeks. Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

That's all for today :-)

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