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Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Another challenge for Pti Kikó!

And I am quite excited about it, but so scared at the same time!

A friend of mine is getting married next year and I am to make the jewellery (necklace + bracelet) to go with her wedding dress.

I am really honoured to have been asked this task but as we cannot see each other until then, it is proving challenging to be able to put ideas together to make sure it will turn out the way she'd want it to be AND that it will go with the dress!

So we exchange by emails: pictures, measurements and colour themes for the day.

I realise now that I do not know what sort of haircut she will be wearing (I might make earrings if I have time to). 

There are so many questions in my head that I realise I have not asked her yet lol
- What haircut will you wear?
- What kind of make up?
- Will you wear a bolero/jacket/shawl with that dress?
-...have you considered shop bought options...just in case? lol

I must not panic though. But it is, to me, a huge responsibility.

It is interesting though as since I have put my Fimo away, I have to be more creative and do with what is around. So the easiest thing to find are...beads! (of course). Got myself a needle, some thread and beads. I have been watching so many tutorials and have already learnt new techniques (doesn't mean I master them though haha!). Right now, I am discovering bead weaving.

Obviously, I cannot show anything until the day so, I can only keep you posted on the progress as things go.

I just really hope she will like what I will come up with. If not, at least I will have tried. It is true that I would have loved to do that with polymer clay but hey! C'est la vie!

That's all for today :-)
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