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Sunday, 11 November 2012

Baby shower

As I am going to be an auntie (again) in a few days now, yesterday we organised a surprise baby shower for my twin. We invited her close friends, got some nice little cakes, drinks (non alcoholics, of course) and that was it! We had a great girly time.

Still as part of the Sneak Preview post from last week, you can now see what picture nº3 was about.
Ta-daaaaaa! Or Voilà! (because I am French after all)

I made a diaper cake. My first ever and I am (excuse my French here) damn proud of it. Especially the bows that I have made myself with ribbons, included the rose which was also a first.

With that amount of diapers, she should be covered for the first....few days or weeks I guess? Lol

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