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Wednesday, 21 November 2012

I just love my new camera

It does the coolest things...I think :-)

The other day, my boyfriend (who came to visit) and I went to a shopping centre. We had a little wonder around, walked in a toy shop and could possibly not stop when we saw that:
We had to stop and play. Connect 4 has to be one of our favourite games lol We can spend some time playing on it on my iPod when stuck in transport, or tube, or train... Of course, you will have guessed that I was the yellows. I always win! he is going to read this, he did win a game that day too. Eventually we had to leave the spot to a little boy who wanted to play with his mother...

Then we deserved a good treat, so to Starbucks we went. And that's when I played with my camera. This option to filter the colors is just great. I love it!!

That's all for today :-)
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