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Friday, 9 November 2012

My niece's birthday

My little baby turned 10 a few days ago and we celebrated it last weekend. For the occasion, her mum, Madame L, worked really hard on making her the cake she wanted. She didn't ask for the simplest thing no! She asked for nothing less than a Rainbow Cake!

For her first attempt, it was pretty good and looked very nice. It has to be the highest cake I have ever seen though lol

And if you remember the post I made last week with a Sneak Preview of what I am up to at the moment, well one of them was my niece's birthday present. So here it is!

She wanted some mittens with a flap, which I had never done before. Those babies took me forever to make. Seriously! I had to start them again 7 or 8 times. At one point, I even managed to knit the right hand twice! seems they are a bit too tight on her: that's what happens when you knit something as a surprise and can't try them on the person's hands as you knit along. But they were OK on my hands so I don't get it! So anyway, I got her a doll the next day lol But I am still proud of what I have knitted as this cable stitch was the trickiest I had done so far.

PS: Oh! you will have noticed that those pictures are quite...artistic. That is thanks to my wonderful nephew who spent his Sunday afternoon and evening with me to help me undertsand how to work on my pictures. One day you might see some good quality ones on here, yes!

That's all for today :-)
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