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Monday, 29 October 2012

(Belated) Sunday interlude

Oops! I prepared this post last night and clicked on "Publish" but just realised it was never published. Not sure what happened there :-(

So you have it this morning. It's ok though: just pretend it it Sunday night, your are in your PJs and reading this from your bed before falling asleep....


As it is Halloween this week, Halloween nails are compulsory, but not the snow :-( Yes, we had snow over here yesterday. The temperature dropped just like that. It is freezing. And it is not even November...

Anyway, I've done a few trials last week and we went for this design: here are Madame L's nails

I have used the following colours:
Kiko Pearly Orange (235)

Kiko Lime Green (268)

And here is mine:

I have used the same Pearly Orange and Lime Green as above plus the Kiko Jungle Green (392) as main colour.

That's all for today :-)
Hope you all had a nice weekend!
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