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Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Lunch bag - Part 2

Remember that lunch bag? My sister has asked me to put some sort of lining inside, in case some food or drink spill in it: she found one that she liked a couple of weeks ago so I got started.

As it is my first time doing this and not with the easiest material, I can say that I need to find a better way of doing it. I sewed the top part, but then finished my thread for the rest. And I remembered I did buy a glue gun on the day I bought the felt for that bag. I was waiting for an occasion to try it out so I finished the lining with it.

I know I need to figure out a better way of cutting it for the inside of the bag. I will think of it for the next one.

The obvious cutting issues put aside....what do you think?

and the glue gun: it is a mini one.
ooh! and I forgot to show the detail of the button I made with fimo when I first finished the bag. I used the mokume-gane technique.
That's all for today :-)

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