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Thursday, 18 October 2012


Here are some of the first necklaces I made when I started playing with polymer clay.

On that one, I think I had mixed some fimo together and just made beads with. Except for the white ones which are white clay that I cured then painted with some white pearl paint. The striped bead is made of white polymer clay (still Fimo) on which I put some black stripes of black Fimo.

This one was with the same techniques. The only difference is that the focal bead on that one was my very first "shaped" cane (I don't know how to call them when you put a character or shape in them that it not a flower lol)

Here you can see the details of that bead: yes! it was a cat! I was so proud of that one. I love that bead. I might dismantle this necklace just to have it back :-)

That's all for today :-)
Pti Kikó

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