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Sunday, 21 October 2012

My first challenge!

I regularly read the blog "Parole de Pâte". It is a French blog where they feature some very talented polymerists. I love looking at their creations and it makes you realise that some people's imagination and creativity have no limit. I am always very impressed with what they do.

They also have challenges from time to time but I have never tried to enter any of them (please refer to the above paragraph lol)

Back in late August, they announced a new challenge called "In and Out". The rules were simple: only use white, pearl or translucent clay. No canes or coloured polymer clay were allowed. You could, however, change the colour or texture of your clay with any medium you liked: paint, ink, embossing powder, seeds, pastels...anything.

As I was already working with white polymer clay when I saw this post, I thought that maybe I could give it a try. And this was actually my last creation before I put my fimo tools away :-(

Anyway! I have used white Fimo that I mixed with black paint. I then made flat rounded beads with it and mounted them on a memory wire. I've added some red beads that I bought a while ago. I like the contrast with the handmade beads.

I could not show it to you until the pictures were put on the website and they have posted them this morning. It is the first time one of my creations is put on a website other than mine: even better being THAT website!

I am a very happy bunny today :-)

So what do you think?

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